10 Best Sing-Along Songs 2020 | Catchy Song Playlist

Whether you’re an emerging artist or just love singing in the shower, you can’t beat a catchy tune. Sing-along style songs are generally best for beginners as they’re simple to grasp with a clear melody that can be copied without too much effort.


In this article we’ll be revealing some of the best new releases you can join in with at home, including everything from ballads, to novelty songs, to dance tunes.  

So which artists are trending and making a splash this year? 

  1. Lewis Capaldi. Scotland’s own funny guy, he has a cracking voice and some killer tunes which will feature in our list.  
  2. Billie Eilish. The US teen has a unique, soft style that has taken the industry by storm. Tunes penned with her brother Finneas are climbing the charts.  
  3. Stormzy. Most of the South London rappers songs are tricky for those trying to nail a simple topline, but he’s well worth adding to your listening list.  
  4. Dua Lipa. One to watch, she’s a hot new star that’s dazzling the world.  
  5. Eminem. The rapper’s back with a bestselling album. As per Stormzy, rap isn’t the easiest genre to copy, but some of Slim Shady’s toplines are very hummable.  

Catchy songs to sing along to

Songwriters know how to make a song catchy. There are a few components needed including:  

  • A great beat 
  • Repetition, especially in the chorus 
  • Alliteration in the lyrics (using the same consonants to create a rhythmic or poetic feel) 
  • A hook, riff or passage that catches the ear of the listener 
  • Emotion. People connect to feelings and messages As you’ll see as you read (and listen) through our list, there’s a theme emerging in 2020 already. Catchy, fun and light beat-filled pop tunes are mostly ruling the roost on streaming sites like Spotify just now. We predict more of this to come, and for a flourish of happy, feel-good tunes as this year continue.  

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Best sing along songs

#1 Stupid Love by Lady Gaga  

Here’s one from the queen of catchy, Lady Gaga. An enormously versatile performer and vocalist, some of her big ballads are more challenging, but this up-tempo number is bound to have you singing – and dancing – along. She’s been busy and high profile in 2020, organising the recently broadcast One World: Together at Home as a tribute to health and key workers everywhere. It’s a masterclass in the video link and virtual performances – so if you haven’t yet had a chance, do take a look.  

#2 Adore You by Harry Styles  

1D nailed catchy tunes and Harry Styles is still making waves in his own right as a solo artist. Don’t expect anything too groundbreaking from him. He continues to release easy listening pop numbers that don’t tax the voice, ideal for new vocalists and those who want something carefree to sing around the house or in the car.  

#3 I Dare You by Kelly Clarkson  

If you’re in need of a hope-filled, uplifting 2020 pop anthem, this is it. Repetition in songs makes them easy to join in and learn. This tune from Kelly (another artist who made her name in a singing contest – American Idol) features a straightforward chorus that you’ll pick up straight away. And you might just feel a little better after doing so.  

#4 What A Man Gotta Do by the Jonas Brothers 

This is a such a cute, feel-good song released by the US group in January, as the chief song for their sixth studio album and was performed live at the Grammys. In a heartwarming step, the guys chose to use their own wives in the video instead of actresses which makes us love them all the more. 

#5 Everything I Wanted by Billie Eilish 

If you don’t yet have much of a vocal range, or great power, or technique, Billie’s songs are a great place to start. She and her brother Finneas create uber-cool, contemporary tunes that are left-field yet catchy. 

#6 Let’s Fall in Love for the Night by Finneas 

As we’ve just mentioned Finneas, here’s his recent release that premiered on March 19th. It’s a little less off-piste than the work he creates with his sister so unlikely to gain as much acclaim and hype. But it’s a chilled singalong number well-worth checking out and we’re sure that Finneas will carve out a high profile music career alongside his sibling’s songs.  

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#7 Before You Go by Lewis Capaldi  

While Lewis’ amazing husky tones sound incredible, his songs are great to sing along to, even if you can’t match his unique vocals. Lots of YouTube music videos are available with lyrics, making it even easier to sing along to your favourite tunes and learn the lyrics. He’s a reliable go-to for emotional ballads that blow away every audience.  

#8 Weird Times by Oscar Welsh  

If you want to catch a singer on the up, follow Oscar. The Suffolk based teen is getting noticed fast and has written a melodious tune that sums up the current feelings of the nation. It may be an indie track, but we predict we’ll see more of Welsh on the mainstream soon. Start singing his new tunes before everyone else jumps on the bandwagon. 

#9 Physical by Dua Lipa 

Back in the day, Olivia Newton-John released a catchy track by the same name. This contemporary take on that title is every bit as toe-tapping and has a super simple topline. The tune sits very comfortably in the mid-register, so you won’t strain your voice singing along to Dua Lipa’s latest hit. Get twice the benefit by using this as your daily workout, while singing. Be sure to breathe deeply to keep up the pace and support your voice.  

#10 Boyfriend by Mabel 

Mabel and Dua Lipa hit the music industry at around the same time and are rising stars right now. Both deliver catchy dancey tunes. This is another mid to low register tune that’s perfect to singalong if you haven’t got higher notes or a belt quality in your grasp.