Can Anyone Become a Good Playback Singer?

The difference between becoming a singer and say, a doctor, or lawyer, is that unlike in medicine or law, you have the option to do it professionally, semi-professionally or as a hobby.

SingerThis is why anyone can become a singer, provided your vocal cords are working and you have the desire, it is totally possible to be a person who sings, and to improve dramatically with work.

Can anyone become a good singer with practice? 

This is where the caveat comes in. Not everyone can become a really good singer. Some people don’t have what it takes. But you can’t always tell that when you start out. You may sound terrible now, but with work, technique and guidance into the right kind of musical genre for your voice, you might experience a total turnaround and uncover hidden talent. 

This was apparently the case for Ed Sheeran, who says that he wasn’t born with talent and wasn’t even a good singer when he started out.   

How to use your singing voice   

This is why what you sing matters a great deal. You may have a wonderful folk style voice that you’ll never be able to shoehorn into rap. Or you may be great at metal, but sound totally out of place singing a ballad. Work out how best to use your voice, otherwise, you may be fighting a losing battle. It’s true that a small number of artists are very diverse and can sing all sorts of types of songs. But these people are rare. So don’t feel bad if you’re not one of them.  

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Can anyone learn to become a singer? 

We’ve added a couple of keywords here: ‘learn to’. This is because singing, while a natural activity, is still a skill that must be learned if you want to do it properly or well.  

Some will have more of a musical aptitude than others though, so don’t compare yourself with your friends. Take it at your own level and concentrate on bringing out your individual sound and talent.  

Can anyone learn to sing in tune?  

Some people have a good ear for music, while others are referred to as ‘tone-deaf’, meaning they find it very hard to pitch a song and sing the correct notes. Yet anyone can learn to sing in tune, just maybe not quite as well as others – and it may take a lot of practice.  

Can you really learn to sing well and in tune? 

It may seem out of reach, so we recommend you try it and see! Generally speaking, it takes around 6 to 8 weeks for muscles to get in shape. This is the same for your abs, pecs or your voice. The muscles that work when you sing get stronger and that has a big impact on the sound you make. 

If you don’t currently sing and would like to we highly recommend working with online tutorials or a vocal coach to get the hang of the basics.  

Can we learn singing at any age? 

Heavy and formal vocal training is best-left post-puberty. But kids can still have singing lessons and develop musicality – in fact, that has huge benefits and is a great idea. Do introduce your children to music from as early an age as possible, even the prenatal period is valuable. 

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Can I learn to sing at 25? 

By this age, your voice has fully matured and settled and you’re likely to have a good idea of the kind of genre you’ll be good at and are drawn too. You’re still plenty young enough to build a career as a singer in the pop word if you want to too. 

Can I learn to sing at 50? 

Your voice continues to change and often lower, especially in middle age. This is still a great time to learn to sing – and you may be able to access notes that you couldn’t in your 20s. Our voices are like a fine wine, they mature and become richer. It’s never too late to learn to sing. Susan Boyle was 48 when she found fame on Britain’s Got Talent and her career took off in her 50s.  

Learn how to sing for beginners 

If you aren’t going to use a singing teacher, you’ll need some online resources for guidance. Don’t be tempted to simply copy your favourite artists, as you could be developing damaging bad habits without knowing it. As well as sounding good, you should sing in a way that doesn’t hurt your voice. Here are some options for you to try.  

Related Questions 

  • How many hours a day should you practise singing? 

This depends on how good you’d like to be. Professional singers may practise several hours, while those doing it part-time, or as a hobby can improve their voices enough to make a difference, by just committing 10-30 minutes daily.  

  • Can you self teach singing? 

Singing is a great activity to take up as it doesn’t have to cost a penny. You do need help and technique from someone who knows what they’re talking about, but you can teach yourself a great deal using online resources for this.