Things to Bring To a New Music Festival and Concerts

What’s the one thing you never want to forget when going to a music festival or concert? Your phone! If you’re not constantly checking your social media and Instagram, it can be hard to capture all of those magical moments. But with these handy tips, we guarantee that you’ll never miss out on an epic moment again. With just a few simple steps, your phone will be ready for any occasion. Here are some things every music fan should do before heading out into the world:

Whether you’ve been to a lot of music festivals or are novices getting ready to go to your first music festival, this article will shed some light on all the essential things to bring to a music festival to make your experience more fun and less troublesome.

Music festivals and concerts are great avenues to experience music in all its wild, raw and unbridled form. Unfortunately, concerts are also places where things could go horribly wrong if you are not well prepared. In order to avoid any potential disasters and to have the best time at a music concert, make sure you pack the items listed below.

Music Festivals

1. Energy Bars

Remember, while packing your bag for music festivals, there are certain things you should never forget. While you’ll be feeling energized, surrounded by the music and the energetic crowd, there will come a point where you’ll deflate and start feeling tired. Sure there will be stalls where you can grab something to eat, but trust us, when we tell you that fighting through the crowd to get some food can be a frustrating process. So, keep some energy bars handy to act as an instant pick-me-up.

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2. A Spare Phone Or A Power Bank

Running out of battery can be disastrous at a music concert. If you get stranded from your friends or need to arrange for a meeting point, you are solely relying on your phone to communicate. So, having a spare phone with you or a cell phone power bank that can charge your phone when the battery is low is one of the smartest things you could do.

3. Ear Plugs

This might sound stupid when you consider the fact that you are going to a music concert to listen to the loud, live music. So, using ear plugs to block out the sound might not sound appealing. But, if the music gets too loud or if you feel like you’re going deaf, then using some noise cancelling ear plugs will provide relief and your ears will thank you for it.

4. Sanitizer

Now, this has to be in the female packing list for music festivals. Do not, I repeat, do not forget this no matter what! All we’re saying is that the Porta potties at music festivals are definitely not the most hygienic and you would do well to carry a sanitizer with you.

5. Fanny Pack

Okay, so a fanny pack is not a very hip accessory to be carrying around. But guess what? It is so much more convenient than lunging around a bag. You can stuff all your essentials in it and buckle it onto your waist. Your money, ticket and other stuff are so much safer kept in a fanny pack than in a bag.

6. Feminine Hygiene Product

This is one of the most important things to bring to a music festival. Even if you’re not on your periods or are not scheduled to get it anytime soon, do carry a couple of pads and tampons. If any of your friends have a sudden emergency, you could help them out with your stash.

7. Bug Spray

Some of the Music Festival Hacks does have some funny and weird things like this one here.

Music Festival

Seeing as it is a music concert, you are most likely to wear shorts and a tank top or some such comfortable and light clothing. This also means that you could be assaulted with mosquito bites and that is an annoyance you can definitely do without while enjoying the music. So, carry a bug spray or mosquito repellent in your fanny pack.

8. Sunglasses

Don’t forget to pack your sunglasses! Not only will they shield your eyes from the harsh sun but they can also be used to shield your eyes from the crazy lights that could sometimes get to be a little too much to handle.

Not to forget, make sure you carry your sun block, money in form of notes and coins, water bottle, a plastic zip lock bag for your phone, in case it’s around the monsoons or you are expecting a rain dance there.

Music festivals are fun but remember the above mentioned things to bring to a music festival too.